A Thousand Faces

Thursday 14 MARCH 2019 Woodville Auditorium A Thousand Faces A bold dance-theatre featuring Amina Khayyam using ang abhinaya , A THOUSAND FACES subverts imagery of Bollywood beauty and Hollywood glamour to explore the objectification of women in indiscriminate abuse and violence. “Beautifully choreographed, flawlessly executed and left the audience breathlesse” PULSE MAGAZINE “A powerful hard-hitting emotional production that had integrity, honesty and reality at its core” BBC  “A triumph… we were all spellbound”
 “Extraordinary theatre piece”  AUDIENCE Ang Abhinaya is […]

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Mrs Kapoor’s Daughter’s Wedding

Saturday 6 APRIL 2019 Woodville Auditorium Mrs Kapoor’s Daughter’s Wedding After 10 sell out shows in record time, we bring you this hilarious Bollywood comedy and dance production. A fun sizzling Bollywood comedy and dance production. Mrs Kapoor cordially invites you to her daughter’s wedding. Being the mother of five daughters, she is overly keen and excited for this big fat Indian wedding. Join us as we take you on a journey of the build up to a typical Indian wedding. […]

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