Managed Services

How Managed Services help you

Our specialised and experienced team work alongside your existing resources to complement or supplement them, working hard to deliver great services and customer experiences.

We're set to work cost effectively on a per transaction or fixed project cost and simply ease away hassle and complexities.

Our ticketing solutions are effective and productive freeing your team to focus on their talents and experience.

Outsource or Out-task

Our teams wrap around yours, bringing extra resource or competency.  Just some peak resource required? No problem, a particular task that you're needing help with? No problem.

We've undertaken considerably sized distribution tasks for various clients including individual invitation, allocation and secure mailing for over 20,000 2012 Olympics tickets, tens of thousands of West End Theatre tickets as part of the annual Get into London Theatre promotion.

We've reduced organisations operating costs by 72% and improving customer experience through sound technology solutions and centralised resources, delivered in partnership with our customer.

We'll work at any venue, undertake a full capacity analysis, set up a full CAD plan and establish sound seating plans, sight lines and other venue specific details such as disability access.  We'll build a custom plan for your event and have you on-sale and selling in no-time.

Self Service Websites

There are many 'self-service' ticketing websites in the market and they do their job, you'll find however that we're somewhat cheaper, provide a real ticketing service and a wealth of other services that your customers will appreciate.

  • A proper Customer Care Service and contact centre that understands your event
  • Professional Box Office and Ticketing staff to advise on pricing distribution and marketing
  • Fully inclusive email and digital marketing service to help get your tickets sold
  • Fully listed and syndicated event discovery
  • Website with full analytics and custom booking links and event description
  • Physical Tickets, E-tickets, Wristbands and RFID (Contactless) tickets
  • On-site Box Office, Scanning and other event assistance services
  • Flexible payment gateways

For further information on our rates and other services available, please contact us.